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Introducing StreetLight Volume: 2016 AADT Metrics

After many years of client requests, we’re releasing the first cut of our StreetLight Volume: 2016 AADT Metric on the StreetLight InSight® platform. These beta Metrics provide a very robust estimate of 2016 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) for almost any road in the US.  To learn more, keep reading this blog post, or watch our recorded webinar on the new Metrics. Click here to watch the webinar. 

We believe this Metric provides estimates that are comparable or better than most of the standard AADT estimation practices for three reasons:

  • They can be obtained in just a few minutes from the cloud-based StreetLight InSight platform,
  • They are built by integrating four sources of data (including both GPS and Location-Based Services data, which is our new and better alternative to “cellular tower” data), and
  • They cost less than half as much as typical AADT data collection and estimation processes.

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Big Data  |  Location-Based Services  |  Transportation

Location-Based Services Data Beats Cellular on Spatial Precision

The more I work with StreetLight Data’s location-based services (LBS) data set, the more I realize that it is the data source the transportation industry has been waiting for – and that it deserves. Over the past few months, LBS data has emerged as a resource with all the benefits of cellular data, but without its limitations. LBS data can answer a huge array of travel questions that fill in the long-standing information gaps for the transportation industry, especially when used in combination with navigation-GPS data.

But since it’s so new, there’s very little information available to planners about its value today. We’re working to correct that with a series of blog posts that zero in on a different aspect of LBS data – and this is the first. In this post, I’ll highlight LBS data’s spatial precision.

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