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The Big Picture: Big Data for Detour Planning

If you’re like many drivers today, your heart sinks when you see an orange road sign with the word “DETOUR.” Suddenly, you remember the flashing highway sign that warned you in advance that construction was coming. In today’s busy world, you simply forgot and did not prepare. As you join the hundreds of other drivers who are now taking a circuitous journey around much-needed construction, you realize that you’re going to be late.

But with the right data tools, transportation planners can make these frustrating detour experiences much better. When planning major transportation projects such as construction and lane closures, it is essential to identify the best alternate routes to reduce traffic disruption – that’s something we can all understand. But it’s time to change the way we identify them. Learn more about using Big Data to improve detour planning in this blog post.

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Blog Feature

Big Data  |  Transportation

Who Blocks My Driveway Every Morning?

In this blog post, StreetLight Data’s Kim Harrison uses StreetLight InSight®, our easy-to-use web app that transforms Big Data into useful transportation analyses, to evaluate the causes of congestion on her morning commute from Walnut Creek, CA to San Francisco, CA. 

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