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Seth Golub

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Using Big Data for Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Evaluations

At StreetLight Data, we’re excited that Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) is gaining traction as a transportation performance measure. In this blog post, we explore the reasons behind increasing interest in VMT and discuss why StreetLight InSight®, our easy-to-use web app for transportation Metrics, is a great tool for calculating and exploring VMT. If you’re not familiar with StreetLight InSight, click here to learn more by watching our demo videos.

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Cutting-Edge Transportation: More Efficient Access to Destinations

This blog post was co-authored with Eric Sunquist of the Smart Transportation Initiative.

In 2012, researchers at MIT and the University of California-Berkeley found that strategic removal of relatively few motor vehicle trips could greatly alleviate congestion. Their method relied on “big data” to determine origins, destinations and routes of travel.

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