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Bringing Big Data for Transportation to Canada

Just a few weeks ago, I joined StreetLight Data as the company’s first dedicated Canadian sales consultant for the transportation industry. In many ways, this is the natural next step in my forty-year career as a transportation engineering and mapping professional. My experience spans the public and the private sector, and I’ve been honored to contribute to several of Canada’s most important transportation initiatives. From helping to plan the Confederation Bridge in Prince Edward to creating the first turn-by-turn navigation maps of all for Canada, I’ve always dedicated myself to projects that make our country more connected and improve quality of life in our communities.

While the field of Big Data analytics is relatively new to me, I’m thrilled that my next contribution to Canada’s transportation practice will be focused on data.  The lack of quality transportation data has been the missing link in so much of my work for the past forty years. I believe StreetLight Data has the right solution to this long-standing problem.

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Can Using Big Data for Transportation Planning Reduce Infant Mortality Rates?

When most people think about transportation, they think about planes, trains, and automobiles – maybe even ferries. But infrastructure, technology, and our transportation networks do more than help us travel. They also have socioeconomic impacts. Getting from point A to point B efficiently is not only a matter of convenience. It can be a matter of life or death – and not just from a traffic safety perspective. The issue of infant mortality clearly illustrates the interplay of health, socioeconomic conditions, and transportation. In this article, I’ll explore this relationship and highlight a few ways that Big Data can be helpful for planners working to address infant mortality.

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"Is Transportation Technology the New Pavement?" 

This year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting (TRB) took place at the same time, and both conferences addressed transportation. The smart city-oriented futurists, technologists, and automotive manufacturers at CES 2018 emphasized the latest autonomous vehicle advancements and whether or not "technology is the new pavement" for the transportation industry. 

In contrast, TRB attendees were focused on the day-to-day work of planning, modeling, and engineering. While the ways new technology will change that daily work were addressed, greater emphasis was placed on long-standing transportation issues - think data collection challenges, operations and maintenance, and accessibility. 

As transportation technology continues to advance, how will the relationship between these two communities evolve? What are their roles as we build our transportation future? Watch this video to hear Catherine Manzo and Laura Schewel of StreetLight Data address this question and more as they compare and contrast their experiences at the two conferences.

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Virginia Department of Transportation Selects StreetLight Data for On-Demand Traffic Intelligence

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) recently selected StreetLight Data to provide on-demand transportation studies to transportation planners throughout the state for the 2nd year in a row. We're excited to work with VDOT again in the coming year. 

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4 Big Data Trends in Transportation to Watch in 2018

It’s no longer news that Big Data is a big topic in transportation. Many people in our industry have been exploring how to use Big Data for years. But the technology landscape is evolving quickly, and in ways that may drive more widespread adoption of this type of data. In this post, I’ll share the four most important trends in Big Data to watch in 2018. 

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Measuring Travel Behavior for Special Events: Who Goes to Warriors Games at Oracle Arena?

2017 has been a really busy year for the StreetLight Data Engineering team – and as Sr. Sales Engineer, I really appreciate their hard work. In today’s blog post, I’ll give you an in-depth introduction to one of my favorite new features in the StreetLight InSight® platform - “Customizing Your Own Data Period.” (For those that don’t know: StreetLight InSight is our easy-to-use web application for transforming Big Data into transportation analytics).

When we launched this feature, I was immediately reminded of the work I used to do at San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART)the regional heavy rail transit system that many Californians rely on everyday. Ensuring we had sufficient capacity in the system to accommodate special events was important – and it could be a challenge. We would regularly develop new service plans and even add special event trains to the schedule to deal with the crows and their unique travel patterns.

To show you how this new feature works, I’ll walk you through an analysis I did on home games for the Golden State Warriors basketball team in March 2017. I was working at BART at this time, and it was a big year for the Warriors – they won the NBA championship, and they also made a major decision to relocate from their home in Oakland’s Oracle Arena to a new venue in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco, California. That move is anticipated in 2019, and it promises to change the travel behavior of home game attendees.

Keep reading for all the details on our new Customize Your Data Period feature – and to find out about what the Warriors’ move might mean for travel patterns on game days in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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