By: Shirin Oshidari on October 20th, 2016

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Why I Joined StreetLight Data

Retail  |  Big Data  |  Transportation

Since I joined StreetLight Data as VP of Sales and Services just a few weeks ago, I’ve found myself energized by both team I have joined and the product we provide, StreetLight InSight®. But I can’t deny the flicker of apprehension that I felt right before my first day. Change is not always easy: I previously worked for more than 10 years at Autodesk, where I helped build global sales teams, established the company in new industries, and brought brand-new products to market. From my clients to my colleagues, the Autodesk community still
feels like family to me – and I’m proud of that.

Importantly, my experience at Autodesk taught me to recognize truly revolutionary software and truly committed teams. As “Silicon Valley” as it sounds, I knew that I wanted my next role to focus on commercializing a radical, transformative yet simple technology that pushes the world in the right direction. That’s what I’ve found at StreetLight Data– and what’s more, joining the team gives me the chance to recreate the sense of family and strong corporate culture that helped me thrive at Autodesk.

In just my first weeks here StreetLight Data, I’ve grown even more enthusiastic about making Big Data accessible and easy-to-use for transportation engineering, urban planning, and commercial property development. These are enterprises that profoundly impact our everyday lives, but they have been relatively slow to adopt new technologies.

With StreetLight InSight, we are putting the data that practitioners need to be effective at their fingertips, and we’re helping them take advantage of Massive Mobile Analytics in a completely new, productive way. But StreetLight InSight isn’t the only thing that has impressed me. At StreetLight, our entire team is inspired by our company’s ultimate purpose: helping communities become stronger, more sustainable, and more successful through data-driven planning and development.

In the coming months, I will be growing our sales team and working to develop new relationships across the US and Canada – and I’m thrilled about my new position.

Want to learn more about my first impressions of StreetLight Data? Curious about my goals for the company? Post your question as a comment below, or connect with me on LinkedIn.